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Welcome to the world of unimaginable Space Travel. We at SpaceVISA have aimed to build a new age space infrastructure & economy through an integration of space & digital virtual asset for a common man on a single platform. The founder team Space-G has envisioned an extraordinary space journey for a common man with sky-high colonization goals. We intend to develop “SEVEN CONTINENT SEVEN SPACE PORT” as a part of our upcoming Space work. With the commencement of SpaceSquad community, we invite you to join us for the revolutionary low-cost space development program.

SpaceSquad Community

We at SpaceVISA believe that all human beings— regardless of their gender, age, sex, race, class, religion, ethnicity, ability, language, sexual orientation, or gender identity — should have an equal access to opportunities and services build for the mankind. With this, we commence to build the best ever space community ecosystem through our SpaceSquad. All those who board on to become a part of SpaceSquad will have a collaborative role in building a constructive space ecosystem for humanity. So, let’s board on to become a part of SpaceSquad and give your spirits a flying start.


A rewarding program which rewards SpaceVISA community with SPV Reward Tokens Bi-Annually and $BUSD Annually.
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*% space visa SPV tokens earned on maturity will be released as bi-annual fractions to the respective wallets
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The SpaceVISA bounty aims to provide enormous princely opportunities to everyone. The program involves first lucky draw contest on 31 st December 2023. Top 10,000 contestants who have opted for SpaceVISA Staking with maximum Stake Value / Time for SPV tokens at the time will be eligible for the lucky draw for spacec tickets* and Bounty Rewards*.* Refer Whitepaper for more details.

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    1. Pre/Private Sale & ITO/IDO

    2. Space-G Blockchain Development

  • space visa agency

    3. Space Alliance and R&D

    4. Space Ticket & Insurance

  • Space Visa travel

    5. Panther Rocket Development Program

    6. 7 Continent 7 Space Port Program

  • Space Visa tickets

    7. Satellite and Payload Test

    8. Sustainable Space Fleet

  • space visa tickets

    9. SPV Space Acquisitions via virtual tenders

    10. SPV Pay & Kiosks Globally

  • space visa tickets

    11. SPV Stable-coins Spave Visa

    12. Low Orbit Gyro Space-Station

  • space visa development

    13. Helix Space Station Program

    14. Plasmid Space Hotel Program

  • Space Visa immigration

    Space Colonization 2050